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Snogwarts - a way to cope with a major addiction

20 June 1985
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Ummmmm... Beware of the HP-fanfiction-addict!!! These sites will probably contain loads of entries containing perverted pairings (I just LOVE them! I know I'm a perverted, dangerouse maniac... but thanks for pointing it out again anyway) - such as Snape/Hermione (ADORE THEM!), Snape/Harry, Draco/Harry, Snape/Lucius, Snape/Remus ... and probably many more... If you don't like that stuff or can't cope with slash, some of those people getting laid and a heavy language... THERE is the door *points left* To everybody else: WELCOME! Enjoy my perversion and my babbling ;o)

PS: Since I'm of age and somewhere around my mid twenties ... please don't start with any holier-than-thou -ranting concerning moral aspects of the things I read/write/like. I know perfectly well what I do, thank you very much.
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