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Post-NaNoWriMo Update - May 25, 2017

Total Words Written: 222.956

So, yeah... I'm still alive. I guess.
Writing has taken a backseat these past days, and quite frankly, I didn't try too hard to get my daily scheduled fic-time in, on top of everything else I was doing.
(I did get a couple hours more sleep at night, though, if you add the time up, so at least not writing served a purpose after all, right?!)

Anyway, life is currently... complicated, over-whelming and most of all completely stressful, so please don't judge the disappearing-act I've been pulling this week (and the ones before when it came to answering your comments and posts and PMs) too harshly. I swear I'm trying! And while it's really annoying right now, I hope my current work-load will pay off soon and help me free enough time to finally, FINALLY get back to you all in the manner you deserve and not just some hurried, generic placeholder answers.

Despite all of that, though, the one hour or so I managed to really concentrate on writing today was a surprisingly productive one, so that gives me hope that I will manage to make up for the days lost word-count wise in a reasonable amount of time.
I hope to find an hour or two of writing-time tomorrow as well, depending on what's going on outside my direct sphere of influence and planning possibly even more on Saturday, and maybe, possibly, hopefully the acute stress will settle down to more manageable levels next week. (I really, really hope so!)

So, yes, I'm alive, yes, I do think about you guys, and yes, I'll be back to my usual more reliable self (hopefully soon)!
*hugs you all*

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