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Post-NaNoWriMo Update - June 14, 2017

Total Words Written: 236.878

After a few days with too little time left to tackle my monster, I finally managed to write tonight.
I probably shouldn't have, but my brain needed a break from considering the differences and consequences of structuralism and post-structuralism anyway.

I did come up with a surprising twist, though. One I haven't seen coming and that might add an interesting, unplanned twist to my story, depending on how I decide to go on from here. I could resolve the issue easily, or I could keep it open and have a secondary (or tertiary? I'm definitely losing track here) plot-line that adds a bit of mystery to the overall plot. Hm. Hmmmm.

Since I'll be going to the theatre tomorrow evening, and might end up with yet another night without time to write, I'll have enough time to consider both options, I guess.

I'll keep you posted ;)

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