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Post-NaNoWriMo Update - June 04, 2017

Total Words Written: 229.728

Thanks to the long weekend, you have the privilege of witnessing one of my infrequent Sunday updates ;)
Thanks to the climbing gang going out for birthday-drinks tomorrow night, you (most likely) won't see a Monday update tomorrow, though...

Which is actually a good thing since I'm still not sure about where to take the story next *sigh*
Maybe the influence of a cocktail or five will kick my muses into working-mode and give me that one eye-opener I need to know what to write next.
(Or it deletes the few ideas I have floating around in my brain... Hm. Well, I'm going to risk it anyway ;) )

I'm actually rather happy to have been able to write as much as I got done tonight... my damn knee is acting up like crazy today, and on top of not really knowing how to sit at the desk pain-free a blasted headache has taken up residence in my temple, not making the process of staring at the screen, struggling for words any more pleasant.
But I got it done, and in the end that's what counts! (And I actually don't think the part I wrote tonight is that bad...)

Anyway, I'm dragging my poor head to bed now. Let's hope that helps. (And who knows, maybe a good idea or two will come to me in my dreams............)

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