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Post-NaNoWriMo Update - May 19, 2017

Total Words Written: 220.912

I've finished the part of the scene that runs in time with my source, and oh boy, am I happy to have switched out my planned second source of the one I ended up using instead... that worked out too beautifully to put in words!

Now I'll only have to wrap up the scene, write a short piece of friendly ribbing, and then I'll finally be able to finish this chapter for good - and start into the (first?) bridging chapter I need to get a few important things out of the way before finally tackling the main plot/the big crisis.

I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have finished up the part I've been working on this past week - though I'm sure I'll miss writing like that. It's just so great fun to let your writing be paced and dictated by some outside source... I really might have to come back to this one time (in another fic, or in a fic specifically designed around exactly this process... we'll see)....

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, my dears! *hugs*

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